Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Vanity of Democracy

The chief vanity of democracy is its claim to be the guardian of freedom. In truth, the more democratic we become, the less we are free in any real sense. Why? Because the freedom to vote has always been confused with the freedom to be. The former is the gift of democracy, the later, of God. When trusted in as the repository of freedom, democracy has always had its intent undermined by those who would use this freedom to vote to marginalize other's freedom to be. Democracy is the exhaltation of the ego at the expense of others. Missing this, the worshippers of democracy continue to inflict their religion on the world and are shocked to find that barbarians remain barbarians.

Those who would advocate democracy as the cure for the world's despotry are worshipping a flawed vision. Democracy has become their idol - an idol that has failed and will continue to fail all who trust in it. America's freedom was never grounded in democracy. It was rooted in the religious fervor of Christian Europe which claimed the dignity of every human being and the respect that that entails for one's neighbor. In other words, freedom is a gift of Christian culture.

As this culture continues to diminish in the land - coming under the assault of the Left's atheistic agenda - we can be sure that our freedom will go with it.

Being born of faith, our culture has proven to be just as fragile.


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