Sunday, February 16, 2014

Growth of the Maryan Heresy

I am a Catholic, but not in any modern sense - but as one who believes that the purpose of the organized church was to pass down what it once received - the position of early Catholicism. That makes me a Catholic in generally good standing with most of the church up until the Council of Nicea - and less so with each passing generation. Beginning with such concepts as the development of dogma, and the heretical acceptance of subsequent revelations and additions to the kerygma, what was once passed down has been smothered in the same idolatrous methods that engulfed the ancient Jews in their latter biblical history. Today we see the recapitulation of history, whereby the New Testament Church repeats the same collapse into idolatry as the Jews of Old Testament times.

Could any honest person believe that the bishops of the first council would recognize this great Whore that pretends to be in continuity with the faith once delivered to the Saints? What first century Christian could recognize the modern church with its professional clerics; idolatrous 'pantheonic' worship; and a multitude of traditions that nullify the Word of God? Would it be prophetically amiss to say that it represents no more than a vast and demonic cult that has countless millions drunk with it elixir like the Whore who rides upon the back of the Beast? This is no insight - I am aware that this has been noticed and said before, many times.

So, where is this going?

It has been noted on several internet sites that the Catholic Church may be considering the next step in its protracted move to quasi-deify 'Mary' as a co-equal with Christ within the Church. As seen on several internet cites, a movement, based upon the private revelation of a certain Ida Peederman, a 40-year old office worker, who claimed to have received a series of 56 apparitions/visions over a 14 year period, seeks to bring about the triumph of the "Immaculate Heart" i.e., the declaration of the final Marian dogma. The CM, as many are now proclaiming, will finally receive the position due her: The Lady of All Nations; Co-Redemtrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. Read: Jesus redivivus in female form.

Look at the development of the various doctrines of the Catholic Mary (CM) over the course of Catholic Church history and one can see this comparison emerge. Is it accidental? Coincidence? Even a casual observer will note that throughout Catholic history there has been a continued move to parallel the development of the CM with the kerygmatic proclamation of Jesus Christ. Already the Church for a thousand years has been busily elevating the hapless 'Mary', who grew out of the popular romantic imagination of both laity and cleric, to the status of demi-god. Jesus was born sinless of a virgin, CM was born immaculate; Jesus was ever virgin, CM was ever virgin; Jesus was resurrected, CM was assumed into heaven before death. Jesus is the intercessor between man and God, and so with the CM. With such a pedigree only one last step remains: Making her the co-redeemer with Jesus. The Queen of Heaven, a new Astarte.

The worship of the Queen of Heaven as depicted by the prophet Jeremiah (7:18; 44:17-28) was instrumental in calling forth the judgement of God upon the idolatrous practices of the Jews of that period. Are we to believe that it will be any less so now? The wrath is already being poured out as illustrated by the presence of the homosexual clergy (See Romans 1). Still, very few will flee. This is the nature of deception.

Nothing new here, just the bewildering phenomenon of spiritual blindness.


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