Thursday, December 08, 2005

"Progress" in America

It is my observation - after having returned to America from an extended time in Europe - that a distrusting spirit has so overtaken America that "everyone's brother is set against himself." Others are seen only as competitors to be carefully watched. There seems to be a total absence of American identity - any distinct culture has all but disappeared. Just noise and ubiquitous marketing.

As a contributing cause, the country appears to be suffering from its reduction from nation to free trade zone.

No borders means no nation.

We have become a people wholly disconnected from our own history - a rich heritage with deeply religious roots extending back to the rise of Christianity and flowering in the middle ages. But rather than living as the medieval man who pursued the greatness and enlargement of the Imago Dei, modern American society pursues the enlargment and greatness of the ego at the expense of all else. This is quite apparent in the dissolution of our society.

Americans are gripped with a desparation to survive - an overwhelming preoccupation with biological life. I cannot help but be impressed that this has come about from having a government that has steadily built an artificial secular agenda, sacrificing the nation's future to satisfy the whimsical needs of the present by the two-pronged strategy of social engineering and excessive taxation - violations of both the right to free association and private property. The social agenda has amounted to a tissue of lies: the lie that man and society do not need God, the lie that man has the innate wisdom to govern himself, and the lie that progress can be made even though all historical theological answers have been abandoned. Mankind is reduced to being "red in tooth and claw."

The overwhelming rudeness that now permeates American society is just a symptom of this death of the soul. It is the gift of secular government, and just the beginning of woes.

The darkness is coming and our survival depends on what we perceive to be light. Unfortunately, we will have to seek that light in our self-imposed darkness.


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