Monday, July 14, 2014

Church of England votes...

"...and women rule over them." Isa. 3:12

The Church of England voted today to allow women to become bishops. Now, to be sure, the modern position of 'bishop' has nothing to do with the Biblical revelation regarding how the church is to be led and administered. It is an obvious bastardization of the New Testament message and as much the work of the flesh as was the whole of the Church of England at its birth. Still, the current move to appoint women as its leaders could not be a more obvious sign of wrath.

Lets be honest, because any thinking person can see it.

What we have is a dead and dying church's pathetic attempt to gain cheap popularity as a poor substitute for the divine glory that has escaped it - a last minute gasp: Look at me, am I not hip? Don't you want to join me now? Grant us the approval of men, O Lord!

Why? Why would anyone want to waste a Sunday (or even an hour) to partake of a culture which is offered every where free in this world of absolute conformity? If what the Church creates is no different than what is available in any bar or club, why should anyone think that the message behind the madness is special? How could it offer any respite?

It doesn't.

A difference that makes no difference is no difference at all.

In a few decades the pulpits of the Church of England will spill forth the vomit of Islam.

Welcome to the Judgment.



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