Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Catholic Mag Encourages Voter Deception

In the 19 June 2014 issue of the Catholic Review - Maryland edition - Mary Ellen Russell of the Maryland Catholic Conference advocated switching parties long enough to effect an opposing parties primary with a view towards effecting an outcome more favorable to one's political persuasion.

In a question and answer session with staff writer Maria Wiering, Wiering asked Russell this question: "What should a voter do if he or she is registered in one party, but wants to affect the outcome of a race in the other party?"

Russell's answer: "Anyone can switch parties to vote in the primary and then switch back again for the general election - but they have to do it before the voter registration deadline."

If anyone else finds this kind of advice, being given in a religious newspaper sanctioned by the church, to be a bit shady, they are not alone. Some arguably point out that this type of 'crossover voting' may constitute election fraud. Perhaps they are correct. But whether or not that judgment is too severe - after all, electoral fraud usually covers only those acts which are illegal - it may be argued that this type of activity, while legal, is nevertheless morally suspect, increases the perception of fraud, and may lead to a reduction of voter confidence in democracy. Not really the business of Christians, you think?

With our Scriptures teaching us to "avoid even the appearance of evil," Ms. Russell's advice smacks of corruption. Since we are told never even to be seen participating in those things done in the darkness, what should be our response to Ms. Russell's advice? This should be an easy one to get right.

But lets be honest about what is probably happening here. This advice does not go out to just anyone. Republicans, who vigorously support election integrity, have so rarely been involved in this type of activity that one can hardly recall a legitimate instance. No, it does not go out to Republicans, it goes out to those whose faith in democracy is sorely compromised. It goes out to those who do not believe that they can win with a platform of infanticide, excessive confiscatory taxation, and support for a totalitarian state. Yes, it goes out to Democrats, who have no moral compulsion to appear pure when they can hoodwink people into thinking they are just. To do this they know that they have to cheat. And they do.

It is no secret that the Catholic Church in America has had a longstanding pact with this party of deception, thus the ease with which Ms. Russell can exhort the flock to participate in shady business. Its the end that matters, not the means. Marxist means for a Marxist church. With both retailing in a notion of 'social justice' that involves theft and the coercion of the moral life through the barrel of a gun, it is no surprise that Christ is long absent.